Friday, June 12, 2009

The Geese May 2009

The Canadian Geese have taken up permanent residency here in Tulsa. Apparently they didn't get the memo that they are CANADIAN geese. I'd heard on the news the other day that a pair of them had made their nest in the Wal Mart parking lot close by me, so I went by to have a look.

Yep, there she was. The workers had tried to protect the geese and their nest by putting up the safety netting, using shopping carts to anchor it, but something has gone wrong with them. Or people can't leave it alone or something. Anyway, here is what I saw:

Since I was there, I decided to go in and grab some groceries. When I came out........

Maybe she needed to go get some groceries too.

Being the beautiful day it was- one of the few without rain in weeks, I decided to go by the cemetery and see how the birds were doing there. Now, the cemetery is very close to my house- its a beautiful one, too. My parents are buried there (as well as other relatives) close to the pond (they call it a lake, but it's just a big pond) where ducks, geese and a big swan I call Elvis reside. Elvis was out on the water, so I didn't get any shots of him; however this loudmouth goose has always, always announced my arrival for the last 7 years:

She doesn't stop with 1 honk. Oh no, she goes on and on and on......

Alerting the media, she does not stop until she gets at least 1 other goose to join her...

So, her friend arrived and I left. The End.

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