Friday, June 12, 2009

Hot Dog!

In the spirit of this Memorial holiday I thought I'd post how I make some of The Best hotdogs on days when it's raining or you just don't want to mess with the grill outside. These really are delish, if I do say so.

First of all, and most importantly, are the wieners. They must be all BEEF. The 2nd important ingredient is the seasoning salt. I'm a huge Head Country fan so that's what I use. Lawry's is also good, but not AS good in my opinion

Place the hot dogs on a plate and slice them lightly in a diagonal line twice, turn and do the same thing on the other side of them like this:

OK sorry, that's not a great picture. Anyway, it's not relevant to the taste of the wieners but my dad always did it, so I do too! Next sprinkle the seasoning salt on the dogs, and roll them in it, covering them evenly.

Place them in a skillet that has a lid and set the temp to the lowest setting.

Let them cook oh-so-slowly, turning them every so often so they cook evenly.

Voila! I promise these are SO good! Just add a bun, mustard and onions and you are good to go! We love to have these with baked beans and potato chips.

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