Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Love Fresh Veggies & Fruit!

Oh boy, it's Fresh Veggie Season!! For someone working hard on dropping the lbs this couldn't come at a better time. I traveled over to Bixby, OK this morning and got first pick (almost literally) of the corn being brought in from the fields- yay!! I LOVE fresh corn, especially local corn; it just tastes better to me.

Almost everything I bought today was grown there at the farm. Well, the tomatoes weren't from Oklahoma, but they sure are alot better than what's in the store!! They had dirty onions- whoo-boy do I love these! Hub likes them with cucumbers in vinegar. He calls them "C&O's" and cannot wait to dig in to some made with these fresh-picked little cucumbers and those wonderful, sweet onions.

They had some new, weird squash available. I wish I'd taken my camera; these were very colorful and pretty. Golden zucchini was one item- never heard of it. I stuck with my tried, true and loved yellow squash. Steamed with butter (fat free of course) and salt and pepper. I'm making myself hungery now. Guess I'll go cut up some "candylope" as my son calls it. He's a cantaloupe connoisseur and learned from his mamma how to pick out good ones.
Hey Bub, I'm thinkin' of ya! Love, Mom

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