Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Heart My Camera

Guess what. My camera is smart. Those photos that I thought I deleted..? They're still on the camera. Apparently IT knew they hadn't been saved anywhere and it did not delete them. I love my camera.
But now I have run out of time to post the things I wanted to. We are leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow- for the wedding! In case you didn't get my memo, you can watch them get hitched on your pc! You have to log in when the wedding is happening though- no going back to watch it later. They are getting married Saturday night at 5:00 pm Vegas time, 7:00 CST 8:00 EST.
Log in here and click on the monitor on the left hand side. I tested it out and it did work; I was able to see the lobby area and a wedding party that was either finishing up or getting ready, couldn't tell. I'll turn around and wave to y'all!

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