Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kitchen Dreams

I’ve been ironing today. And dreaming. Dreaming of a wonderful new Ikea kitchen that will someday be MINE. I just know it will happen. Someday.
My house was built around 1965. My tiny oven and stove are original. As are the cabinets and the sink. And the Formica countertops. The original dishwasher (that has since been replaced at least twice in the 23 yrs we’ve been here) and this tiny little oven were both made by Kitchen Maid. Definitely NOT to be confused with the upscale and expensive brand you are probably thinking of right now. I even have the original booklet that came with the oven. My kitchen is very tiny. A “galley”style is what they call it. I call it all kinds of colorful names when I’m cooking and anyone – dog, cat or human -dares to invade my tiny parameters for whatever reason. Someone almost always gets stepped on or snapped at.

This closely resembles my oven in color although it is a little bit bigger than what I have right now. No, I don't have the plank-style cabinets (with Early American hardware).

Here is what I want:What I am visualizing:I suspect that having a whole lot of organization will greatly improve my situation. And new lighting will be such a treat as well. Like having the lights underneath the front of the cabinets:

My husband is a little fearful about what might be uncovered if/when such a renovation occurs. The plumbing and electrical are his main concern. That “hidden costs” will emerge. And I’m sure he’s probably right. Especially the plumbing part. This little kitchen floor has been dug up twice to fix a broken pipe. And under the sink….well, it’s just plain scary. I think it would be great not to be frightened when reaching for a sponge. To open that cabinet and marvel will be worth it.

If I had a really nifty, cool party kitchen:

or this neat tile (this is actually more like my oven, only mine is ugly yellow aka Harvest Gold):

or even this:

then I could understand the concept behind this fun website that urges us to keep, love and cherish our retro homes. But my kitchen is not fun. Nor is it very functional in my humble opinion. I’m sure there is a lot of wasted space in there because of its design (or lack thereof).
And so, I shall just keep on dreaming and visualizing my future kitchen. I'll let you know when it happens!

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