Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baby Shower!

I think ALL showers- bridal and baby- are just so darn fun!! Whether you are the giver of gifts, giver of the shower or the receiver of one, they're all FUN! Plus, I need to learn what's new out there in the baby world since my baby is now 25. Nieces are having babies right and left, as are my "adopted daughters" that I've known practically all their lives. Yesterday was the 2nd of many more showers to come, I'm sure. There were 2 diaper cakes at this one.

And this one
Is this cute or what? Bows all over! All little girls need bows :o)
These were divine; it was really hard not to go get a plateful and eat them all!

But I was good and just had my one. OK I had two. Wouldn't you?

A very creative friend of the mom-to-be brought this beautiful cake. This is the kind you just hate to cut into, it's so cute and bright and festive:
Lots of neat gifts were given, lots of love in the room. I do love celebrations!

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