Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Hunt Club

I'm going to attempt to do a restaurant review here, but please be kind- it's my first one. Sort of. Actually I wrote one and sent it, along with a nice phone picture, in to a Tulsa food blog and (sniff sniff) they NEVER published it! Talk about deflating your confidence! So I'm going to give it another try. After all, I did take the time to snap some photos to share and bug my friend about her food.
I have decided to expand my food horizons and try a new restaurant at least once a month- surely I can do that! Of course, I'm partial to downtown T-town and my friend knew a new place to try, so we went on a rainy day last week. The Hunt Club is on 2nd and N Main. Well it's at Main & Cameron (or the 200 block of North Main) in the old Brady District. It's kind of isolated actually. When we went, we were the only customers. That could be because of the rain. I think this place is probably really GREAT at night, to come in for a beer and some of their finger food. But was OK. My friend got the gyro sandwich and said it was very good.

I got the Greek salad and it was a little bit disappointing, sorry to say. It comes with a roll (had to ask for mine) and was just not what I had hoped for. I should have gone with what our great waiter had said was popular, which was the New Yorker and The Dawg sandwiches. So maybe next time?
There was one thing that was outstanding, awesome and so delicious we ordered more and that was the little spinach/cheese pies. To Die For. My friend ordered them as her side with her gyro and we just had to have more. I suspect that most if not all of their finger food items are really good. I'll just have to go back and see!

I wish I had taken more pictures of the interior, showing all of the "dead animal heads" that my friend found disturbing. But I only thought to take this one of the bar area before we left (that's our awesome waiter behind the bar): The Hunt Club has a late night menu as well as this regular menu. They may have to go to only being open at nights to survive and I really do hope it does well. I love having all of these new places to try!!

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