Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Weekend

I am in love with Lexington, Kentucky. I visited the newlyweds this past weekend (for their wedding reception) and am ready to buy a 2nd home there NOW. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful, historical, laid-back, amazing state and city it is. I see now why my son wants to stay there. This is honestly the scene you see everywhere when driving just outside the city limits:I cannot wait to return there, hopefully SOON, and see more of this gorgeous part of our country. And I WILL be more prepared. I didn't take my "baby" (DSL camera) and regretted not having it. There was a photographer at this event and I really didn't think I wanted to be burdened with the camera bag on the plane (we had alot of carry-on as it was). Well, it wasn't the reception I was wishing I had it for, it was the REST of the trip!
Case in point: on Friday I wanted to see some of the cool, old shops that were downtown, so I had hub drop me off while he parked the car back at the hotel. I waited across the street from a lovely park where lots of children were with their parents. All of the sudden, police cars came screaming up in front of me and blocked the street! I looked down the street and saw this:

What the......?

Then I remembered my son saying something about the circus being in town and I knew right away that this was the traditional Elephant Walk that they do when they get into town. I've only seen it once here in Tulsa- many, many moons ago.

The Ringling people were having an Elephant Brunch over in the park for all of the kids. I wandered over to see exactly what that was all about. Ahhh, watermelon, lettuce and carrots were on the menu (this is where I wish I'd had my regular camera):

Hubby and I came in on the last of this little meal, and my tiny digital did allow some fairly good close-ups as these magnificent beasts passed by so close to me I could have touched them. In fact, I made eye-contact with 5 of the 6 and one of them tried to turn to me.

See how she's smiling at me?

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