Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Is Here

Shame on me. I did it again. Let way too much time pass without blogging here- sorry to the 2 of you that read this :o)

I have valid excuses though, really. For one thing, I've had stones. Kidney stones to be precise. And those are not any fun, let me tell you. Actually this isn't my first time in dealing with them and this time wasn't nearly as painful as in the past. I had these stones blasted and let me say it was one very painless event this time, for which I'm thankful. Could have been alot worse had this one 6mm stone tried to pass.

I've also had visitors and last week all of the available family here in town came over for dinner. It was great! I got to cook for everyone which always makes me happy.

We learned this last week that EVERYONE in my immediate family will be here on Thanksgiving! As my niece said: 20 adults, 2 babies and 1 fetus. Will definately be taking lots of photos then!

Fall is here and the colors are fabulous. I hope you can see this and enjoy it.

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