Thursday, October 29, 2009

PW Comes To The Big City

The Big Day was finally here last Tuesday. The book release of Ree Drummond's cookbook and it was being held at my home-away-from-home: The Tulsa Historical Society! I have had Ree's link to her webpage over here on the side since I started this blog ---------------------->
I can't remember where I got the link to her blog way back but once I stumbled upon it, I was hooked. Actually, it was reading her mini-Harlequin-romance-novel "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" that hooked me. She's a very gifted, witty writer. I love her humor and her stories from The Ranch (which is just outside of Pawhuska, OK).
And I'm not the only one who loves her! Her website/blog gets over a million hits a week! This woman is popular, I tell ya! And so............they began arriving early for this big event Tuesday night. The doors were to open at 6:00 pm and at 5:00 pm it looked like this:

Jeff Martin of BookSmart Tulsa was handling the details (with a little help from some friends) which included 700 wondermous (yes it's a cupcakes from Merritt's Bakery. PW (that's what we call her) ordered 3 different kinds: carrot cake, red devil cake and chocolate cake delivered for her friends and fans. I'll show you a picture of 2 of the 3 kinds. The carrot cake just didn't make it around long enough to get a picture: Aren't they yummy looking? And I love the PW on the chocolate one- cute AND good! Ree Drummond is just the most generous, kind-hearted person ever. Not only did she order these babies for all of us to munch on, her hubby Ladd, aka Marlboro Man (because he's that good lookin' in Levi's) also brought tons of pop (including Coke in glass bottles- I loved it) and water. The big give-away, though, was the t-shirts. Now those of you who don't read her blog don't know this but Ree gives away lots of fantastic prizes every week. Ranging from KitchenAid Mixers to cameras to cute little earrings. You just never know with her! So, in typical Ree fashion, she had these darling t-shirts made:

And on the lower right-hand back of the shirts:
Cute or what?

As I said before, MM brought lots of stuff to drink. He backed his rugged pickup truck up to the museum's dock:

and proceeded to unload cases and cases of drinks, ice and the large buckets to put it all in. My friend Michelle (a staff member of THS) and I looked at those forearms and those Levi's, turned to each other and said, "Oh my. Now I get it." (meaning we now know why Ree ran away to the country with this man).

And nice? You want to talk about a nice, sweet man? He posed for so many pictures and signed probably at least half as many books as Ree did later on. Now where was I.... Oh yes, well as you can see people were already in the museum waiting in line to buy a book (or 5)
...or going through another line to get a free, cute t-shirt:
And the seats began to fill up...

(weren't these 3 girls cute??)

as we anxiously awaited for Ree who was, at that moment, Tweeting how scared she was. I cannot blame her, I would've been too. But arrive she did!

She was whisked upstairs while we volunteers worked at getting things settled down and people seated. And then: it was time! Jeff Martin came out to welcome the crowd. And introduce Ms Ree who looked cool as a cucumber to me. Such a pretty lady.

Ree took questions from the audience and introduced her family. This is what's wierd about following and "knowing" someone you've never met: I knew that her sister and nephew were sitting in front of me.
I knew her sweet brother Mike was there.

I've "met" these good people on PW's blog and the surreality of actually seeing them in the flesh is just WIERD (in a good way).
So when Ree introduced her brother Mike, he came up to hug her and she asked him to stay up there with her. He had a calming effect on her, she said. I say: whatever works!
The questions and especially the answers from Ree were great. My favorite exchange:

Guest: Ree, can I ask you a personal question? Is that OK?

Ree: Sure, go ahead.

Guest: OK. Well, how was it you met your husband in a crowded, smokey bar? I mean, what were YOU doing there?

Ree explains. (ed: read Black Heels to Tractor Wheels for the answer)

Next Guest: Ree, how much butter do you go through in a week?

Ree: Now THAT'S personal!

The lady cracks me up.

Then it was time to sign books and boy, did she have alot of books to sign.

Friends, fans and family were all content to eat cupcakes, drink Cokes, visit and flip through the new cookbook while waiting (some for 3 hours) to get their books signed.

What a gracious, lovely lady. Thanks Ree.

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  1. Love your photos. What a great event that was - sorry that I didn't get to meet you when we were there. Next time!


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