Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Wishes

Been bad, really bad, about blogging here. I have had thoughts, ideas, taken photos and then.....get sidetracked. So I'm going to post all of the photos I've taken since I put that cute little kitten below on here and just take it from there!
Well, first of all was my hubs birthday at the beginning of the month. I surprised him with homemade cinnamon rolls the morning of his birthday. Yep, made them from scratch the night before and put them in the fridge before bed. Hub appreciated it :o)We got an early Christmas present 2 weeks ago in the form of modern technology. 4-D pictures of our little grandson, Cade, who is due to arrive April 3. Now tell me this isn't cool:
God is great.

I have also been getting ready for Christmas which means these demons are around to tempt us:
So what do I do? I make more demons and try to save them for everyone else! These are chocolate covered peanuts, in case you can't tell. And I made a LOT of them.
We are super excited this Christmas because we will have a baby in the house on Christmas! This baby:Is she a cutie pie or what? She is my great-niece (one of 3 that I now have). She is the only one who will be able to be here though, so Santa's going to spoil her rotten.
We celebrated Christmas last weekend with my husband's family and I took a few shots:

We meet in a building because there are usually at least 25-30 of us there:
That's because my hub is the oldest of 7-- and some of our kids are having kids now:
Here is one of the newest members; she is 2 yrs old and really into opening presents this year:
This was the desert table:
After we gorge ourselves, we play Sneaky Santa which is always, always a good time.
And that's what its all about, folks. Family, friends, laughter and most of all LOVE.

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