Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tulsa's Old Movie Theaters Exhibit

While I have a slight moment to myself I figure I'd better update this blog for the first time this year! I have been working diligently with the Exhibit Director over at the Historical Society getting 2 new (small) exhibits up and 1 big one that will open at the end of the month. The two smaller ones are now open and I got to have some autonomy in the creation of one of them :o)
Due to my "knowledge" on some of Tulsa's old movie theaters, I was asked to pick out the photos and artifacts for the exhibit in a small gallery at the museum. I suppose I do have some information under my belt but that's from writing, producing and presenting a slideshow/presentation on them.

This little production is indeed near and dear to my heart. The reason being, I suppose, is that all of these great theaters are gone, save The Circle and Brook. Does anyone remember the Majestic?
How about the Will Rogers?
I remember vividly seeing Old Yeller at the WR. First movie that made me cry. I left the theater that day with very mixed emotions- I thought movies were supposed to have happy endings! I guess I grew up a little bit that day.
Anyway, along with photos I persuaded (ie begged) to have 2 artifacts included. If you notice in the following photos, red circles

Those are Diana and Faun in the Ritz and Orpheum back in the glory days, when downtown was still the center of Tulsa. These 2 statues are old they are very fragile. Faun's flute broke awhile back and Diana has some issues as well, which is why 1. I had to beg to have them in and 2. they are roped off like they are. But I'm still happy as a clam that they are out for everyone to see. The Historical Society is located next door to the Garden Center, Hours are 10-4 T-Sat and admission is FREE!

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