Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Patrol

Once upon a time there were 3 dogs who loved to go back in the corner of their yard and hold court (ie have a barkfest) with the neighboring dog. Then along came a big snow storm that transformed their backyard into something strange and wonderful...

Upon venturing out into this white abyss, they were taken with the beauty and wonder of it all.

Gracie, the leader of the pack, was doing her usual patrol duty of the premises...

When she heard something!

What was that?? (note top of fence)

OMG!! A SQUIRREL!!!! MAY DAY!!! RED ALERT!!! ALL HANDS ON DECK!!! (wait, wha...??)
And with that, Mr. Squirrel was outta there in a flash! And so was Gracie.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby, It's Really Cold Outside!

Winter this year is kinda.....well....COLD. I mean really really cold this year. I can easily recall some previous January's where short sleeves and possibly shorts were worn. Nope, not this year. And we have had more snow than usual too; starting with a blizzard on Christmas Eve. And last week, another "winter storm warning" only it was much scarier: this time, they said there would be ICE. Yikes. Around here, that means get out your flashlights, stock up on firewood, D & C batteries, food, and water. Be as prepared as possible for the power to go out. It has happened before, in 2007 to be precise, and it wasn't pretty. Or nice. Or fun.
So I began to prepare early in the week. I think I must have gotten some of the last D batteries in Tulsa. Seriously. I felt as though I'd won a prize when I discovered some at the store. The C's for my radio weren't as hard to locate. Ah, yes. My trusty, rusty old TG&Y transistor radio. When we were first married, some 31 yrs ago, we lived over in Brookside and I bought this at the TG&Y store located at 51st and Peoria because my dad said you always needed to have one of these around. And boy, has it been around! Untold numbers of football and basketball games have been brought to us by this companion of ours. Not to mention KRMG being where it's always set "in case of emergency"

When I opened the back of it to put in the new batteries, I was horrified to see that the old ones had leaked. But, after carefully digging the bad ones out, cleaning the connection plates and inserting new ones, it worked like always!
As I had hoped, my plan of "being very prepared so that the storm wouldn't knock out power" worked. And when tornado season approaches in a couple of months, I will be prepared! Ah, the joys of living in Oklahoma.