Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Merry Month of May

Life sure gets crazy, doesn't it?  Well, mine has anyway.  So it's now UPDATE time for my 4 followers :o)   Since my little grandson was born, I have learned a few things.  The biggest shocker for me was when I got this adorable photo yesterday:

 I blurted out "There's my sweet little angel!" when I saw this.  Now, if you know me, you know I'm not a gushy, mushy "sweet little angel" kind of person.  But..... I am now, I guess.  I just miss him so much and can't wait to see him again.  In the meantime, I do get photos periodically.  They make my day!


I hope all of you Mom's out there had a nice Mother's Day.  I certainly did!  My thoughtful son sent me these gorgeous flowers:

My sweet daughter and son-in-law came up from Texas to visit.  In addition to some very thoughtful (and much appreciated) presents, my daughter- who knows me so well- got me this card:

Isn't this too funny?    Love that girl!
I'm at the point now that I can celebrate this special day without being sad and missing my Mom as much as I have in past years.  But I always think of her.  I guess I always will.  
Love you Mom <3 

On to my new kitchen, right?  Well.........kind of.  Most of my new kitchen is in my garage.

I have picked out my granite countertop, the tiles for the back splash etc.  Now I'm just waiting for my turn to come with the contractor.  I'm next in line.....

On another happy note,  new exhibits have opened at the museum.  The Baseball exhibit happened without me (gasp!) helping.  I was in Kentucky at the time :o)  Hub and I went to see it (it's great!) as well as another one called Tasha Views Tulsa: Portraits of a City.  These are 48 photos that local blogger Tasha Ball picked out from hundreds of cool photos all taken in Tulsa.  

I was flattered beyond belief that she also chose one of my photos.  

Well, I guess that's about it for now.  If you live here in Tulsa, go by the museum and see these exhibits!
Until next time.......and I do hope that I am blogging about my NEW KITCHEN next time!


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