Friday, May 14, 2010

Storms in Tulsa

Well, here I am again.  No news on the kitchen.  However, the kitchen IS (in a way) responsible for the latest upset here.  As I said in the previous post, the kitchen is stored in my garage at this time, which means I have to park my little Scion on the drive.  We were nervous about that from the beginning because 1. it's May + 2. we are in Oklahoma = good chance of severe weather.
Monday night (May 10) we were under a tornado watch all night.  Other parts of the state got hit and we had some nickel sized hail that lasted a short time.  I had been parking my car up close to the garage, but hubs said that the hail was bouncing off the roof and onto my car (no damage).  Sooooooo Wednesday night I pulled the car back from the house a little.  I was under a large oak tree and next to our basketball goal.
At 4:50 a.m. we are awakened by a horrible storm, tornado sirens going off and my car alarm going off as well.  After shutting the alarm off with my key fob, we got dressed, grabbed flashlights and went out to investigate.  The early morning light gave us a better view:

That is our basketball goal in the front yard.  My car had been moved at this point, but amazingly here was the only damage to it:

Side facing the goal-

Side facing away from the goal:

So, it looks like the pole smacked into it, then was flipped over the top and scraped it coming down....?
All I know is that we were expected much worse damage- broken window(s), big dent across the top.  All in all not bad, could have been worse.

In the back yard we had a HUGE branch fall from way above.  Again, our house, guttering and yard light were spared.  We were very lucky.  Here is some video of it:

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