Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 20

Today was only a 3-trip-to-Home-Depot day, not a 4.  First trip,  I got the proper wattage light bulbs for my canned lighting in the kitchen and man, is it bright in there!  I love it!  I also bought some paint to test out for one wall and Dylan bought all of the wood for the baseboard trim and door trims, etc. 
We got home, put the bulbs in was faulty.  So, back to HD to get a good one.  Later, when Dylan tested the paint on the wall, I didn't like it.  So, back to HD for a different color (light grey) which I'm happy with.  
Best news of the day:  My granite will be installed Friday morning!  This sets off a chain of trades coming in, such as the plumber to set my sink and install the dishwasher, the tile guy to do my backsplash, the electricians to come and hook up my stove and oven and put in a few more canned lights.  In other words, I think we are finally in the home stretch here and I'm so excited!  

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 19

Today the floor was finally finished- yippee!!

They also got my new kitchen window installed too.

Plus some other things were done but nothing to take a picture of  :o)

Day 18

Yesterday was Day 18.  It seems like I'm always a day behind blogging on here but that's because I'm so wiped out by the time they leave for the day and/or I've got a lot of things to do.  This whole process is, as anyone who has done this knows, a very stressful and tedious process to go through.  Some days it just WEARS me OUT!  What has really tried all of our nerves has been my floor.  Apparently one of the most uneven floors anyone had ever seen.  This issue has required tons of prep work by others and by my guys. The floor has to be perfectly flat and level to put down what I bought.  I love what I got, BTW.  It's so awesome; looks like real stone, is flexible so if/when the floor moves a little, it will move with it.  I linked the Armstrong website to what I bought.  And here it is; you can see where it is grouted up next to where it isn't.  Oh yes, the grout and color have been fun too.  Yesterday I went to Home Depot 4 times for more glue, to exchange grout (this tile takes an acrylic, sanded, pre-mixed grout, not regular grout) and to rent (then return) the 100 lb roller.  But the end result is so worth it!

And, to top my day off, I finally got my new washer and dryer that has been in the warehouse for 2 months!  Yay!  No more going to the laundry place!  

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm not home right now.  I'm in Kentucky babysitting the cutest baby in the entire world - and I am NOT prejudiced!  OK maybe I am a little but don't you agree, he's the cutest boy you've ever seen??

Look at that face!  I just wuv him to pieces (if you can't tell).

However, work is still going on back in T-Town and I've got a picture to prove it.  Ready?


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 13

Another action-packed day of work in the kitchen!  The plan for today had been to get the floor (tile) layed so we went to HD and got stuff for that as well as a new screen door (for the garage).  When we got back, the electricians showed up to put in my canned lights (yay) so Dylan didn't get started on the floor until late this afternoon.  He did, however, lay the tile down earlier so I could see how it looked and OMG I love it! I'm leaving early tomorrow morning and won't be back until Saturday however Dylan did say he would send me phone-pics which, of course, I will share here  :o)  No pics today, however, because my camera is already packed!

Day 12

After a somewhat disappointing end-of-the-week, Monday started out great and the guys went full-steam ahead all day long.  They would have prepped the floor last night, so they could lay the tile this morning, but the granite guy was supposed to come "between 2-6" so that didn't happen.  And neither did the granite guy.  He called at 5:15 and rescheduled for this morning.  Oh well!  I'm going to be leaving tomorrow morning at the crack-o-dawn for Kentucky and will be gone until Saturday afternoon.  I cannot wait to see what all happens while I'm away!  
So, the cabinets and drawers were set yesterday, which means you can try to slam them shut and it won't happen; they have this cool "catch" on them that makes them close softly.  Utility room cabinets were put in and alot of other things too numerous to mention.  The general consensus, when everyone stands in it and looks around is: Yep, it's coming along!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 11

Well today (Friday) marked 2 weeks of my house being torn apart and dirty.  Today the electricians came to move a light switch, the flooring guys had to come and re-do a spot in my kitchen floor.  I heard them saying that ours was one of the worst (uneven) they'd seen, so it's a really good thing this is being done, even if it is slowing down the whole show.

The other major accomplishment was them hanging our new door that goes from the utility room to the garage.  Ask anyone (neighbors, kids and friends) who has had to deal with the (old) stupid door and they will all shout "hooray!" upon hearing this news.  It really WAS about time we got this replaced!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Days 9 and 10

Well, no kitchen pictures for these days.  Other than the rest of the cabinet doors and drawers being put on, the  work being done is stuff you can't really see.  But.......
My flooring came in yesterday (!) so we went over to Home Depot and got it and some grout.  Also got this nifty little thing that was installed in the lower cabinet next to my stove top:

I'm so excited about having my trash HIDDEN away!  And it pulls out all nice and easy.  (It really is the little things, you know?)   

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 8

All of the cabinets are up- yay!  When I stand in there now, I can really REALLY see what its going to be like and all I can say is "WOW!"  I love it!!
Although I'm only gaining a couple of feet, it's the new layout (and soffits being gone) that makes it seem so much more streamlined and big.

The granite people came by and measured for the estimate.  It will probably be a total of 2 weeks from now before it's installed.  And my splash back tile came- delivered to the WRONG address >:-/    I got an email from UPS freight saying it had been delivered; I'm like: really?  where?  'cause it sure wasn't here!!  I suspected it was at the house a block over that has the same house number as we do.  And yep, there it was on their driveway.  I wrote and told the tile company about it, just so they'd know.  Anyway, it's here.  Now waiting on the flooring.......

Day 7

I didn't post anything last Friday because all that got done was sanding and re pouring of the floor level stuff.   And I didn't post this yesterday because as soon as the guys left I had to run over and do a couple of loads of laundry.  We had heavy thunderstorms and it was a long day- I was wiped out.

So:   Yesterday the guys got over half of the cabinets put up in preparation for the granite people to come measure today.  

We had discussions about the placement of my fridge (because where I want it is kind of tricky but we are making it work) as well as about how the granite is going to merge with this "pass through" that used to be a window before our add-on (below).  One suggestion was to raise the whole thing up as a bar you can sit at, but I know we wouldn't use it that way.  I'm going to go with my original plan.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 5

Today was a relatively good day.  Drywall got patched and even 3 cabinets hung before the flooring people came back to do their thing.  That being sanding/buffing down what they poured yesterday which shows them the high spots (and low spots).  More self-leveling cement was poured and is now drying.  This made for a fairly short day with everyone being gone by 2:00 or so.   My house is so dirty and messy. It's hard, but I just have to look the other way (without tripping) and focus on the outcome, which is gonna be awesome!

My cabinets are all put together and sitting in my den now:

Here is the kitchen today:

And here is the fearless of my 3 dogs, Tessa.  While Pete cowers over loud noises and Gracie just hangs back and watches, the more noise and activity going on, the more Tessa has to see (and be in the middle of) what's going on.

One more thing: I did hear back from Home Depot about my flooring.  It is supposed to be shipped no later than next Monday which puts it here next week.  That sales guy should never have put the "5-7 working days" time frame in my head!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 4

Drywall was put up over where the soffits used to be.  Flooring guys came and poured self-leveling cement over my very uneven floor.  It is so bad that they may have to sand the cement (= big mess) and pour some more over it tomorrow.  We will have to see.  
Speaking of flooring, I called Home Depot about my special order status since I was told early on that it only took 5-7 business days which it's now been.  The woman at HD put me on hold, then came back and said, "It says here it was supposed to be in June 7th and it's not here.  Let me find out the status and I'll call you back."  Yeah, well, that was 2 hours ago........

Here is today's photo:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Remodel Day 2

A very long and difficult day for me.  As previously stated, I have 3 dogs, one of which is terrified of loud noises, including thunder.  You would know that, as they were tearing out the soffits in the kitchen, it was storming like crazy.  Poor Pete (dog) just wore me OUT.  Normally when it gets loud in here, he goes outside.  While we do have a covered patio, when he was out there and it thundered he would go out in the rain.  Very exhausting day.

So, soffits were removed, plumber and electricians notified to come out, which they both did.  The rest of my old ceramic tile was taken up and walls prepped for eventual dry-wall.

As you can see, wiring is in place now for new appliances and lights (yippee!).

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Kitchen Remodel Begins!

Awhile back (not quite a year ago) I posted about my dream kitchen here.  And now, my dream is coming true! And this, my friends, is yet more proof that when you visualize something it will happen!  Same thing can be said when I "saw" our sun-room addition to the house a few years ago.  I saw the room and I saw the new patio and layout.  Within a year, it was a reality.  

I've had to learn  and practice patience quite a bit this year.  Waiting on grandson (who was 10 days late!) and waiting for the contractor (my Ikea Man) to get to my kitchen (he's bombarded with kitchens to do).  As I posted before, my kitchen was delivered several weeks ago.

In the meantime, I went out and chose my backsplash tile (beveled subway ceramic) and the mosaic tiles to go in there as well.   Also picked out my flooring.  I couldn't find a laminate/tile that I liked and ended up going with a 16x16 vinyl tile that, when grouted, is very realistic looking.

So, without further ado, here is the before pictures of my teeny, tiny 1968 kitchen:

And here it is Day One after only 7 hours of demolition:

To say that I'm excited is an understatement.  Next up: Day 2!