Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 12

After a somewhat disappointing end-of-the-week, Monday started out great and the guys went full-steam ahead all day long.  They would have prepped the floor last night, so they could lay the tile this morning, but the granite guy was supposed to come "between 2-6" so that didn't happen.  And neither did the granite guy.  He called at 5:15 and rescheduled for this morning.  Oh well!  I'm going to be leaving tomorrow morning at the crack-o-dawn for Kentucky and will be gone until Saturday afternoon.  I cannot wait to see what all happens while I'm away!  
So, the cabinets and drawers were set yesterday, which means you can try to slam them shut and it won't happen; they have this cool "catch" on them that makes them close softly.  Utility room cabinets were put in and alot of other things too numerous to mention.  The general consensus, when everyone stands in it and looks around is: Yep, it's coming along!

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