Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 18

Yesterday was Day 18.  It seems like I'm always a day behind blogging on here but that's because I'm so wiped out by the time they leave for the day and/or I've got a lot of things to do.  This whole process is, as anyone who has done this knows, a very stressful and tedious process to go through.  Some days it just WEARS me OUT!  What has really tried all of our nerves has been my floor.  Apparently one of the most uneven floors anyone had ever seen.  This issue has required tons of prep work by others and by my guys. The floor has to be perfectly flat and level to put down what I bought.  I love what I got, BTW.  It's so awesome; looks like real stone, is flexible so if/when the floor moves a little, it will move with it.  I linked the Armstrong website to what I bought.  And here it is; you can see where it is grouted up next to where it isn't.  Oh yes, the grout and color have been fun too.  Yesterday I went to Home Depot 4 times for more glue, to exchange grout (this tile takes an acrylic, sanded, pre-mixed grout, not regular grout) and to rent (then return) the 100 lb roller.  But the end result is so worth it!

And, to top my day off, I finally got my new washer and dryer that has been in the warehouse for 2 months!  Yay!  No more going to the laundry place!  

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