Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 5

Today was a relatively good day.  Drywall got patched and even 3 cabinets hung before the flooring people came back to do their thing.  That being sanding/buffing down what they poured yesterday which shows them the high spots (and low spots).  More self-leveling cement was poured and is now drying.  This made for a fairly short day with everyone being gone by 2:00 or so.   My house is so dirty and messy. It's hard, but I just have to look the other way (without tripping) and focus on the outcome, which is gonna be awesome!

My cabinets are all put together and sitting in my den now:

Here is the kitchen today:

And here is the fearless of my 3 dogs, Tessa.  While Pete cowers over loud noises and Gracie just hangs back and watches, the more noise and activity going on, the more Tessa has to see (and be in the middle of) what's going on.

One more thing: I did hear back from Home Depot about my flooring.  It is supposed to be shipped no later than next Monday which puts it here next week.  That sales guy should never have put the "5-7 working days" time frame in my head!


  1. Things are coming along nicely! I only remember too well the '5-7 working day' scenerios when we were doing the bathrooms. And my special order doors that became affectionatly known as: "the damn doors"! Karol & Mario will never forget us and "the damn doors". LOL Love "general contractor Tessa"!

  2. I should have remembered your incident with the 'damn doors' and Home Depot! When will we learn that there is always a PRICE to pay for their special orders?? LOL


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