Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 7

I didn't post anything last Friday because all that got done was sanding and re pouring of the floor level stuff.   And I didn't post this yesterday because as soon as the guys left I had to run over and do a couple of loads of laundry.  We had heavy thunderstorms and it was a long day- I was wiped out.

So:   Yesterday the guys got over half of the cabinets put up in preparation for the granite people to come measure today.  

We had discussions about the placement of my fridge (because where I want it is kind of tricky but we are making it work) as well as about how the granite is going to merge with this "pass through" that used to be a window before our add-on (below).  One suggestion was to raise the whole thing up as a bar you can sit at, but I know we wouldn't use it that way.  I'm going to go with my original plan.


  1. How come you wouldn't use it as a bar, Nancy? Does it go right into the sunroom? That might be a cute place to help serve if you are having company in the sunroom?

  2. Oh I use it as a bar when I'm entertaining (1-2 times a year). I just don't use it as one we would sit and eat at. I like sitting down, facing each other and having conversation when we eat LOL


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