Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 22

Woe is me.  The man who schedules the tile guys totally forgot about me this morning  :o(  But it did give me some extra time to go back out and look for some "liners" - tile pieces to "outline" a design.  I wasn't happy at all with what we found last Saturday. And I did find something that matches- finally.  So I guess all was not lost. 

Figuring out paint/color for the wall next to the fridge and dishwasher has been driving me crazy.  Yesterday, while browsing through Lowes, I found some textured wall paper I really like- and it wasn't expensive, either.  So, I bought some and hung it- and I love it.  Of course, these pictures don't do the color justice.

It's not really this color but you can see the texture here:

Tile guys did show up around 1:30 and so did Dave (the head honcho of my remodel).  For around 30-40 minutes we discussed the design options for my backsplash and came up with the same design that I already had in mind before anyone got there.  

By the time he left, the tile guys said they didn't want to get started because they were getting off in an hour.  So everybody left.  The dogs and I settled in on the couch to read and wait for the storms heading this way.

Then the doorbell rang and it was the electricians.  They came to put in the outlet's for my refrigerator and  oven.  He even hooked up my stove for me!  So, I could actually cook right now, if I wanted to.  If I could find my pots and pans.  And my dishes.  And my spatulas.  If I had any food TO cook.   But it was a nice thought.


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