Saturday, July 10, 2010

Days 24 & 25

Wow, things sure do happen fast once granite and back splash are in!  
Day 24 started at the crack 'o dawn with the tile guys here to grout the tile.  OMG it looks really, really good.  My microwave was installed and refrigerator as well.  Plumber set my sink, installed the disposal and hooked up the dishwasher.
Day 25
The electricians were here and installed my UCL (under cabinet lights), outlets and plug ins.  They hooked up my oven wired the vent hood.  They will return next week to add the last 3 can lights and hook up my vent.  Plumber had to come back out because the disposal leaked if there was a full sink of water on that side.  He also brought me a great under-the-counter water filter that (I guess) only plumbers can get at their supply place.  It was inexpensive and the filters (he brought me 3) were, too!  So he hooked that up while he was here.  While plumbers, electricians and other workers were here, I had 6 people in my little kitchen.......and 2 of my dogs, too!  I had to herd them out - it was crazy but fun and exciting. 
At the end of the day, my cabinets and drawers had all of their "hardware" on them so I can now open things without flipping a fingernail (ouch).  
Still left to do: under my stove top, there was a place for a 'false front' but, because there is room, I want a drawer there, so my guy is going to make one- but that space is open/empty.  Also, in this same area, above it: my granite broke in 3 pieces.  I'm hoping that will be fixed/replaced SOON (hubs doesn't know about that yet!). There are some other minor adjustments that need to be made and the baseboard and crown moulding need to be put up but all in all, I'd say we are 95% there now on the kitchen.  Still have some window finishing to do as well as put on my screen door to the garage.  I have a list of "things to do"  :o)

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