Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Been awhile, hasn't it?  I've been busy decorating my new kitchen, dining and laundry area's - fun!  Then I had to go visit this little guy in Kentucky:

Is he just precious or what?  When I wasn't smooching on him, I was taking photos of him.  

Back home, it is Labor Day weekend and I/we realized that I hadn't fired up my Dad's old Hasty Bake in over a year, so now was the time.  I only pull this antique out when I need to smoke/cook large amounts of food because that's really what it's for.  Mostly I do my baby-back ribs on it.  Oh Yum.  I buy them at Sams; they come 3 racks to a package which is perfect for this old smoker.

I want to say that Dad bought this in the early 1970's, like around 1973 maybe.  This was his 2nd Hasty.

Not sure what he did with his first one (traded it in?).  Yes, it's a bit rusted.  I still have the wooden tray that goes in front.  And when you walk by this, the unmistakeable smell of hickory radiates from it.

My dad grew up - literally- working as a car hop and later cook in my grandpa's Pig Stand in Cushing, OK.  He was a great weekend cook and one of Grant Hasting's first customers.  And he taught me how to make the best ribs (only loin back!) on earth.  While he did not share his BBQ Sauce recipe (he never wrote it down) I have found that Head Country - Hickory flavored- comes close.  While my dad always rubbed his ribs down with Lawreys, I use Head Country's because it goes so perfectly well with their sauce.  Slow cooking is the key to get these fall-off-the-bone babies:

Oh yeah.  Come to Mama.

Hope you have a safe, happy holiday.

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  1. Love to read your blog! Feels so "homey". Different from the frantic pace here in the East Coast Tri-state area!
    love from NJ...


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