Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Stockings Kits

Do you remember those felt stocking kits from back in the 80's and 90's?  My mother made all 9 of her grandkids those kinds of stockings, which they all treasure now as adults.  I never thought I would be able to sit still long enough to even want to make one of them.  But.............grandkids sure do change you!  Although there are tons and tons of cute, ready-made stockings out there, for sale cheaper than I could ever make them, I wanted my little guy to have one made by his Mimi. So I started searching in late October for one of these kits.  The pickin's were slim, let me tell you.  However I was able to locate some at JoAnn's that were half price, no less.  These seemed to definitely be several years old but they were too cute!  I also checked out Hancocks.  They had about 3 designs to choose from.  Not much.  So after much thought, I purchased a little snowman from JoAnn's- one that looked fairly simple (no sequins!) and boyish.  The only problem was it was supposed to have the word "Cheer" across the snowman's tummy- printed on there for you to sew over- and I didn't want that so I just turned him over and added 3 buttons instead.  He turned out fine and was good practice for a first one.  I learned the most important lesson (for me) and that was that trying to hand embroider letters/names is REALLY DIFFICULT for me to do.  I have never sewn, ripped out, sewn again, ripped out so many times in my life.  Note to self: next time use embroider machine for name.  Here is Cade's stocking:

Well, after making this I was HOOKED.  I found that sewing on these while a TV show or music is playing in the background is cathartic for me.  And for the most part, the package instructions are easy to follow although there are 2 different kinds of patterns.  One of them, the  FeltWorks stockings have the pattern printed onto the felt for you to cut out.  The Design Works have paper patterns for you to put on the provided felt, outline and cut out yourself.  Advantages to this method are that you have the pattern pieces left over and could, essentially, make another of the same stockings.  So, my next stocking was for daughter-in-law Christe.  I went back to JoAnn's and there were a few more kits there to choose from.  This little kitty jumped out at me as being perfect for her.  This is one of the Design Works and while assembling each of the stuffed pieces was easy enough, assembling them onto the stocking was a little trickier.  I could've used more information in the instructions, please!  My seam ripper was used more than once.  And I immediately used my beloved embroidery machine for the name this time!

While over in my neighborhood shopping center, I stopped in Hancock's just to see if they had put out any more.  Uh, yeah.  They sure had.  And so had JoAnn's.  Oh boy, I kind of went crazy  (who, me?)

I bought enough kits to make my future grandkid's stockings and then some. Anyone want a stocking made for their kid/grandkid.....?  I even bought an Advent Calendar kit!  Guess I'll work on that this summer.... 

So I started on one for Bryan today.  I'm keeping the ones my Mom made for my kids here for now.  It gives me an excuse to make more :o)

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