Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Authentic Sourdough Loaf

This was my attempt at making a real, honest to goodness loaf of bread using no commercial yeast, no sugar, only starter, water, flour and salt.  It was a longer process than I anticipated. I somehow missed the part where it said to let it rise for 7 hours and stupidly began making the dough in the afternoon.  Honestly I think this was due in part to my following the steps on my iPad in the kitchen; yeah, I'll blame it on that!
So I ended up actually baking this at 11:00 pm.  And here is the final loaf:

To see the crumb (that's bakery lingo for the texture) I sliced off an end piece and voila:

No, it's doesn't have the large holes associated with some sourdough's but it tastes like sourdough! 
I think it's a nice loaf for a first time authentic go of it. 

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