Friday, January 21, 2011

Ree-diculous Cooking!

Apparently I have way, way too much time on my hands these days.  That plus the fact that when I get obsessed with something, it can sort of take over-  has turned me into a baking/cooking freak lately.
My last adventure with sourdough was making a Cranberry Walnut Multi-Grain loaf of bread.  That was one week ago.  It was quite a long process and I kept saying to myself (after the 4th time of letting it rise) that it had better be worth it.  Well, it actually was.  I have been slicing myself a piece of this every morning for breakfast - with some butter and honey on it, it's quite tasty and is pretty healthy to boot.

I have put the sourdough starters into the fridge for now because I made a grave mistake.  I began browsing Ree Drummond's (aka The Pioneer Woman) cooking pages and her Tasty Kitchen website.  If you want my advice: don't go there!  You will begin copying down recipes that sound good, then running to the grocery store to buy what you need and the next thing you know, you will have cooked this Blueberry Crumb Cake.  (I split the recipe in two and shared it with my neighbors)

And when the weather turns bad, all icy and snowy, you will want to fix her Beef Stew with Paprika and Beer.  Need I say it goes divinely with sourdough bread?  This was some of THE best stew I've ever eaten.  Seriously.

And for desert that night  (because I was stuck in the house all day thanks to this winter storm) I fixed her Cherry Cake Pudding.  Heaven help my waistline.  I didn't even make the whipped cream.  It was wonderful just as it is.  

So consider yourself warned.  If you are hungry and/or a cooking freak like I've become, stay away from recipe websites like this!  Or just keep giving stuff to your neighbors like I do.  They love me  :o)

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