Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Sourdough Experiments

I love bread.  I once worked at the university bakery while in college and discovered I loved just about all aspects of baking.  A cumulation of recent events has led me back to baking bread and in particular, experimenting with sourdough bread.  

The first thing that happened was I got this for Christmas:

No more having to enter those drawings on Pioneer Woman's web pages anymore!!  I just LOVE Santa!!

The next thing that happened coincidently at the same time was that I began reading this book:

This is another of Barbara O'Neal's lighthearted books. She educates you as well as shares recipes in a great little fictional book.

I worked with yeast dough recipes while writing my cookbook 2 years ago.  That was, however, before I had my kitchen remodeled and let me say this: having granite countertops to work dough on makes a LOT of difference.  Oh yeah, that was the third "event": my new kitchen.  

If you are like many (most?) people who have no idea what yeast "starter" is THIS website has lots of information.  It's a fascinating science that has been around for centuries.  I have begun 2 different starters: one with packaged, active yeast added (which will be ready quicker) and the other is the old-world way (as described in the above webpage) "wild" yeast starter.  I'll be sharing and comparing different things I make with these including English Muffins, pretzels and of course bread!

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