Sunday, September 16, 2012

Six Months

I have been gone awhile.  I have been avoiding posting here because it's been such a tough time.  The grand baby I posted about last March was born sleeping on April 17.  Stillborn.  Due to a cord accident, his heart stopped beating.  And all of ours broke.  It has been devastating.  As a mother, it was something I never dreamed I would have to do; help my baby bury her own.  But, it is six months later now and our hearts have begun to form scars where they have healed.  And time marches on......
I found, after my mother and father died, that I tend to cope with grief by creating things.  It works wonders for the creative side of my brain to just take over while the other processes and accepts.  During that time after losing my parents I began with mosaics, then moved on to decoupage, the one day I got out my old Kenmore sewing machine.  It was awfully frustrating to use; the tension was always messing up and I remembered why I had put it away lol  I thought that perhaps if I took it and had it cleaned up, that would help.  The closest place that does this is also a Babylock retailer.  Long story short, I traded in that old Kenmore and got on the machine embroidery kick.  I created my business, Image Crafts by Nancy, and started selling some of my wares in a booth that I rented monthly.  I learned so much and had a lot of fun.  Met tons of new people.  That was 10 yrs ago.

This time around, I am still dealing with fabric only my newest outlet is creating it.  I have a new blog that I just started called Image Crafts and would love for you to stop by.  I also have a little Etsy store as well, that I'm trying out.  New things.  

Now that I've "broken the ice" and posted here, I will definitely be doing so more often.  Thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Babies, Monkeys and Peeps (oh my)

At long last the secret is out and I can finally say: I have another grand baby on the way!  We found out at Christmas but were asked to keep quiet about it for 3 months.   But now I can say that our next one is due in mid-August and we are thrilled.  We will find out the gender in about 2 weeks.

Another grand child has started the "must make things" mode  in me again.  It's all I seem to want to do, especially for my little man who is already here-- and TALKING!  Not even 2 yet and he can repeat just about anything you say as well as answer "yes" and "no" appropriately (and with feeling! lol)  He can identify and say names of people, places and animals.  I'm only a little bit proud of him :-)

I have a game on my iPad that Cade loves to play where he touches an animal and it makes a noise.  When I would ask 'Where's the monkey?'  he would point to it and I would tickle his tummy and say, "It goes eeee! eeee! eeee!" (Have I mentioned how extremely ticklish he is?) The last time I was in KY,  I bought him 2 little monkeys at Sams, which he calls his Eee-eee's (I love it!)  I am told that he is now obsessed with them; must sleep with one and the other is in the car for traveling.  I began putting little monkeys on items I made for him long ago because he reminds me of a little monkey, always climbing!  And the Paul Frank line of clothing is perfect for me to send along to him whenever I find his size on sale.  

Which brings me to a project I took on last weekend- the Sock Monkey.  I had never really thought about making one of them before, but it seemed so appropriate and lo and behold, they have the Red Rock socks and a free tutorial at Hobby Lobby, so I gave it a shot.  I got what I paid for with the tutorial.  Even with pictures, the directions were limited, at best.  Thank goodness for the internet and YouTube.  I had to use both pairs of socks to make one monkey, due to my mess-ups.  Those directions made this project a lot harder than it really was!  In order to somehow personalize this, I added a heart that declares I Love Cade.  I was watching a TV show the entire time I was doing the hand-sewing on this and named him accordingly.  Here is Donald:

I am going to travel down to Dallas the first week in April.  My son is flying in from KY with Cade and we will congregate at my daughter's house to celebrate his 2nd birthday (a couple of weeks early) as well as Easter and the new baby and.... well...... LIFE!  Speaking of Easter, how about some felt Peeping Peeps?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Felt Menagerie

The owl and pussycat now have company.  I made the gray kitty for a friend of mine who recently lost one of her cats.  I personalized it by embroidering the cat's name onto a heart (which is the same color and shape as the tag he wore).  My friend's birthday was coming up and I thought this would make a nice little present for her (and give me more practice making these).  After finishing that project I began to work on the puppy dog pattern (from and realized that it looked just like this same friend's dog!   I added his tag and presented them both to her this week.  I think she liked them.

This got me to thinking about creating one of these that would replicate my dogs which are of the Shih Tzu variety and have mask faces (as do other breeds).  It took me a while to figure out how to do the ears but eventually I prevailed and voila, another dog.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Owl & The Pussycat

Recently I was hunting online for fabric and wool felt.  As always happens, one link leads to another and voila! I found some kindred spirits at  These talented ladies make all kinds of cool crafts besides felt items and best (kindest) of all: they share their patterns and how-to's.  

I immediately had to make the Kitty Doorstop.  Now, I'm no master stitching person.  I sort of do my own thing when it comes to that.  I know how to do some stitches, such as a chain stitch, I just don't wanna sometimes.  And because this was my first attempt at such a project, I'm a little wary of showing you the end result.  But here he is:

After tackling this project I of course was ready to take on the Owl doorstop.  I had to do my own thing with regards to his face, though theirs was cute too.

Back and side views:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Owls.....

My owls have sold quite nicely at my booth over in Jenks- who knew?  All I know is that I really enjoy creating new designs and sewing them at night while watching tv.  Here are some that I just finished.  I'm loving the wool felt I got from Tadaa Studio's Etsy store.  Huge variety of colors and  ways to purchase.
I decided to jazz these owls up with sequins (even though you can't see them very well here):

I have recently created some new, different owl patterns and cannot wait to begin putting new ones together.  

On a quilting note, I just got the fabric I ordered to make a new baby quilt for someone special ;o)  As you can guess, it has OWLS in it too.  Here are some of the main fabrics that will be used in it:

This fabric is called Hoo's In The Forest.  I think it's so cute.  Will post pictures of the finished quilt, but that probably won't be until later this spring.