Thursday, January 19, 2012

More Owls.....

My owls have sold quite nicely at my booth over in Jenks- who knew?  All I know is that I really enjoy creating new designs and sewing them at night while watching tv.  Here are some that I just finished.  I'm loving the wool felt I got from Tadaa Studio's Etsy store.  Huge variety of colors and  ways to purchase.
I decided to jazz these owls up with sequins (even though you can't see them very well here):

I have recently created some new, different owl patterns and cannot wait to begin putting new ones together.  

On a quilting note, I just got the fabric I ordered to make a new baby quilt for someone special ;o)  As you can guess, it has OWLS in it too.  Here are some of the main fabrics that will be used in it:

This fabric is called Hoo's In The Forest.  I think it's so cute.  Will post pictures of the finished quilt, but that probably won't be until later this spring.